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Kediro MA (by World-Champion Kais Al Baydaa), 2015 – sold

Kediro MA in 2016

Kediro MA in 2016

He is a really stunning young stallion. His brother (same sire line) got in August 2016 at his first show ever immediately Classwinner Yearling Colts and Gold-Champion Junior Stallions (1-3 y) at the German Breeders Cup.

Year of birth: 2015
Vater: Kais Al Baydaa; WorldChampion SE 2013
Mutter: Jade A by WorldChampion Aja Justified by WH Justice (The Champion Maker)
Colour: will be grey
Price range: sold to Austria.

Kediro MA
*2015, bay
Kais Al Baydaa
*2011, grey
Jamil Al Rayyan
*2006, grey
Ansata Hejazi *1992, grey
Dana Al Rayyan *2000, grey
Kamira Sakr
El Habiel *1993, grey
Maha Sakr *1994, bay
Jade A
*2010, bay
Aja Justified
*2005, grey
WH Justice *1999, grey
Aja Beneja *1999, grey
Koratah III
*1988, grey
Nagadir *1991, bay
Kazeefah *1983, grey

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