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Noelani MA (by Kais Al Baydaa), 2015 Filly

Noelani MA successful at German Breeders Cup 2016

Noelani MA successful at German Breeders Cup 2016

Show records:
3. in class “Yearling fillies” German Breeders Cup 2016 (her first show)

Noelani MA
*2014, bay will be grey
Kais Al Baydaa
*2011, grey
Jamil Al Rayyan
*2006, grey
Ansata Hejazi *1992, grey
Dana Al Rayyan *2000, grey
Kamira Sakr
El Habiel *1993, grey
Maha Sakr *1994, bay
Khaliq Nayla
*2006, grey
*1997, grey
Ansata Sinan *1992, grey
Elizja *1991, grey
Nyalah El Absha
*1999, grey
Salaa El Dine *1985, grey
Nyrah *1992, grey

More photos of Noelani MA:

Vollblut-Araber Gestuet - Nähe Koblenz

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