El Pusza filly - the original Polish E-line

El Pusza PS – the original Polish E-line

Since we started breeding Arabian Horses we know and we love the original Polish E-line goinjg back to “Emigracja – The Pearl of Michalow”. Emigracja represents the fifth generation of champion produce through Michalów foundation mare Estokada. For a long time we were looking for the right representative mare of this famous E-line … and …

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Al Gasama by El Nabila B by Kubinec

Al Gasama (by El Nabila B by Kubinec) | sold

Update per 22.07.2017: Al Gasama is awarded Classwinner and later Gold-Champion Senior Mare at the International Visoko Show 2017 (in Bosnia/Herzegowina). AL GASAMA *2002 by the stallion Hengst El Nabila B by the World Champion Kubinec out of Elf Layla Walayla B by Assad. El Nabila B is a well known Multi Champion having won …

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Bel Samina (by El Sid)

  Bel Samina, *2012, Show results: National C-Show national Kaub/Germany 2013: 3rd place International C-Show Marbach/Germany 2013: 3rd place German National Championship 2013: 6th place German Arabica Championships 2014: 3rd place German National Breeders Cup 2014: Classwinner, Overall Bronce Champion of fillies, Highest Points of the Show of all mares/fillies with 92.67 pts. See a …

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Jade A (by Aja Justified)

Always to remember: Jade A was and still will be the first foal worldwide of Aja Justified and we are very proud to get the opportunity to buy her for our stud. Video of Aja Justified here: JADE A*2010, bayGASB Aja Justified*2007, greyAHSB WH Justice*1999, grey Magnum Psyche *1995, ch. Vona Sher-Renea *1989, grey Aja …

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Djamena by Khidar, Worldchampion res.

Djamena (by Khidar) | sold

DJAMENA *2006 by Khidar: See here his video: – Senior Champion All Nations Cup Aachen – World Senior Champion res. His assets: – Outstanding type, conformation and movements – Sire of horses at international level – International top show winner and great pedigree – In particular: Khidar´s daughters are rare and really fantastic & valuable …

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Khaliq Nayla (by Khidar)

KHALIQ NAYLA *2006 See the Video of Khaliq Nayla here: by Khidar, the Senior Champion All Nations Cup Aachen & World Senior Reserve Champion See his video here: KHALIQ NAYLA*2006, greyGASB XI Khidar*1997, grey BAPS Ansata Sinan*1992, grey Prince Fa Moniet *1981, grey Ansata Nefara *1988, grey Elizja*1991, grey Esta-Ghalil *1985, grey Aica *1987, grey …

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Saphira Bint Scarabea

Saphira Bint Scarabea | sold

SAPHIRA BINT SCARABEA *2004 by Eunos (bred by Michalow Stud; Awarded, Senior Champion) out of Scarabea (bred by Janow Podlaski) Saphira was TOP 5 4-7y old Mare Aachen 2008. Saphira had already outstanding offspring. SAPHIRA BINT SCARABEA*2004, greyGASB XI Eunos*1992, greyPASB, GASB VI/VII Eldon*1985, grey Penitent *1979, grey Erotyka *1979, grey Eunona*1985, grey Eukaliptus *1974, …

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Mingo’s Paloma

MINGO’S PALOMA*2003, grey Mingo’s Eldorado*1993, chestunutCHAV Kapitol*1994, chestnut Kubinec *1983, chestnut Nostalgia *1987, bay Elvenda*1991, bay Esplendor *1983, bay Verba *1993. bay Pagaluna*1989, greyGASB VI/VII Keemal*1984, grey Saki *1971, grey Kerria *1972, chestnut Pagalu*1983, grey Nazir *1984, grey Persante *1977, grey

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Wiosna | sold

Wiosna *2000 by Altruista (bred by Bialka Stud; Gold Award Aachen & race performance certified) out of Warwara by Eukaliptus (bred by Michalow Stud; Senior Champion Mare 2002/Germany) Wiosna was TOP4 Senior Mares at Aachen 2008. WIOSNA*2000, greyGASB IX Altruista*1986, greyPASB, GASB VI/VII Ernal*1975, grey Palas *1968, grey Engracja *1960, grey Altowka*1978, bay Ellorus *1972, …

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Habiba Bint Nejiba (by Lathim el Shaklan) | RIP 2014

See here a video of the legendary El Shaklan out of Estopa, the Queen: HABIBA BINT NEJIBA*1990, chestnutCHAV Lathim El Shaklan*1983, chestnutCHAV El Shaklan*1975, grey Shaker El Masri *1963, chestnut Estopa *1965, grey Lydia*1978, grey Marpeso *1971, chestnut Hezina *1974, grey Nejiba*1981, chestnutCHAV Nil I*1975, chestnut Shaker El Masri *1963, chestnut Nebraska *1969, chestnut Nebraska*1969, …

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Vollblut-Araber Gestuet - Nähe Koblenz

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