Khaliq Nayla, by WorldChampion res. Khidar out of Salaa El Dine daughter | sold

Khaliq Nayla by Khidar

Khaliq Nayla by Khidar

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Khaliq Nayla is from the Nyalah El Absha – a beautiful daughter of the famous elite stallion Salaa El Dine (bred by Dr. Nagel) by the equally famous Ansata Halim Shah.
Her father is Khidar (see last picture): He won:
– World Champion res. 2005
– Senior Champion All Nations Cup Aachen 2005 & World Senior Reserve Champion
– Euopean Senior Champion 2006

Khidar’s outstanding features are recognized worldwide:
– Very extreme type, high accuracy and excellent gears
– Father of many successful international stallions and mares
– Even internationally very successful with a top pedigree
– In particular: Khidar’s filly are rare and really fantastic as well as very valuable broodmares.

Nayla had so far only 5 foals, including 4 filly by WorldChampion Kais Albayda, German National Champion BK Latif and Bronze World Champion RFI Farid. All of these 3 daughters can be viewed with us to better assess the breeding quality of this outstanding mare.
Nayla has also ridden.
Upon request, she can be given bred to our WH Justice son.

Our philosophy:
– Horse-friendly attitude including competent care by us and our employees (including trained rider)
– Open stables with large pastures (18 hectares) for the best possible feeling of freedom
– herding (as far as possible) for the necessary social contacts
– Only the best hay and food for an all-round health
– 365 days of complete manure
– Continuous daily control for the early detection of “problems”
– Excellent cooperation with veterinarians, riding instructors, coaches, farriers, hoof care workers, osteopaths etc.
– Our stallion is ridden western-leisure-moderately in the area almost daily
– Fun with handling and working with horses

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