Joleen MA (by Mystic Dream), 2016 Filly (Gold Champion)

Update 05.08.2017:
Joleen MA wins at the German National Breeders Cup 2017 at the Kauberplatte Germany phenomenal her class of yearling fillies. Later she is awarded unanimous “Gold-Champion” Junior Fillies (1-3 years). A big thank you to Annika Wagener for training, conditioning and showing her to success. A great thank you goes also to Katja Poetzsch who cares about Ariyana and our other horses in a very passioned and patient way.

Joleen MA Gold Champion Junior Fillies German National Breeders Cup 2017

Joleen MA Gold Champion Junior Fillies German National Breeders Cup 2017

Joleen by Mystic Dream J (bred by Christine Jamar; out of Mysterious Lady J – Ekstern – Monogramm) out of Jade A by WorldChampion Aja Justified by WH Justice. (handy snap shot – three days old) – We feel more than blessed with this gorgeous filly.
Because we haven´t mentioned Ekstern too often at our website now is the chance to report more about him:
We were more than happy to see and visit him in 2016 at the Michalow Stud in Poland. Ekstern is bred and owned by Michałów Stud, PASB Vol. XIII-3. Grey sire, foaled on 10th of January, 1994
measurements: 151-172-18 cm. Sire line: Kuhailan Haifi d.b. imp. 1931 to Gumniska | Dam line: Milordka 1810 Sławut.

His Racing records: 1997 – 10 starts: 1xIII, 1xIV, 3xV

And here some of his show records:
1995 Polish National Junior Champion Stallion – Michałów (PL)
1996 International Junior Champion Stallion – Babolna (HU)
1999 UK International Senior Champion Stallion – Towerlands (UK)
2000 International Tulip Cup Senior Champion Stallion – Deurne (NL)
2000 Polish National Senior Champion Stallion – Janów Podlaski (PL)
2000 European Triple Crown winner:
– All Nations Cup Senior Champion Stallion – Aachen (DE)
– European Senior Champion Stallion – Vilhelmsborg (DK)
– World Senior Champion Stallion – Salon du Cheval, Paris (FR)
2003 Mercedes Diamond Cup Champion – Borgloon (BE)
2008 WAHO Trophy (awarded to an outstanding representative of Polish breeding)

Joleen MA
*2016, gray
Mystic Dream J
*2007, gray
*1999, bay
Ararat *1985, gray
Elegantkah *1994, bay
Mysterious Lady J
*2004, gray
Ekstern *1994, gray
Morning Light VF *1985, gray
Jade A
*2010, bay
Aja Justified
*2005, gray
WH Justice *1999, gray
Aja Beneja *1999, gray
Koratah III
*1988, gray
Nagadir *1991, bay
Kazeefah *1983, gray
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