Siri MA (by Maserati A by WH Justice), 2017 Mare

Siri MA by Maserati A by WH Justice

Siri MA by Maserati A by WH Justice

Siri MA *2017:
Siri MA has far exceeded all our expectations. Her mother, Bel Samina, has been very successful as a junior champion on shows. We fell in love with her as 1-year-old, and we thank Beluga Arabians, K. Merkel, for acquiring her. Bel Samina was bought not only because of its beauty and correctness … it is also a strategic purchase in the sense of breeding. She does not contain blood from Gazal Al Shaqab or Padron Psyche. She is CA free and therefore offers great possibilities in the selection of breeding stallions. Her pedigree goes back to strong Egyptian lines through El Sid and his father Al Lahab (Laheeb – Imperial Imdal, but also The Vision HG – Thee Desperado). With Swana from Gestüt Osterhof (Karl-Heinz Stöckle), the Kubinec – Balaton lines join.
The mother line of Bel Samina is just as valuable. Bel Aresuh was also successful on shows and also in breeding. She performs GR Amaretto (pure Egyptian stallion from the Rothenberg family of the Escher family) in the blood.

Here are a few chapters of GR Amaretto show successes:

– Gold-award Verbandshengstschau Aachen
– Class winner Deurne, NL 2000
– Champion Egyptian Classic Show NL 2000
– National Reserve-Champion Neustadt 2001
– Champion Res. Wels 2005 (A-show)
– Champion Schotten 2005
– Senior-Champion Egyptian Event Europe 2006
– Sen. Champion Res. International A-Show Wels/Austria 2009
– German National Champion Aachen 2009

GR Amaretto was mated with Maddelena (Moment x Giselle), perhaps the most successful mare from Beluga Arabians stud.

But it is not just the mother line that has contributed to the beauty of Siri MA. Her father, Maserati A, himself successful on shows, he is our own stallion, which we use specifically with our mares. Maserati A is from WH Justice, the champion maker, who really does not need any more, and from the Marratxi of Gual Moghar, which is also known about the national borders.

Siri MA is developing magnificently and we see great potential in her and her future. In 2018, we will decide whether we will introduce her to some shows in Europe. Until then, she enjoys us every day by her kind nature. She is the favorite with us in the farm and she is liked by her beauty not only the “Arab people” but also many friends of other horses.

Siri MA
Maserati A
*2010, gray
WH Justice
*1999, gray
Magnum Psyche *1995, chestnut
Vona Sher-Renea *1989, gray
*1992, gray
Gual Moghar *1985, gray
Mendessa *1986, gray
Bel Samina
*2012, gray
El Sid
*2003, gray
Al Lahab *1999, gray
Swana *1999, gray
Bel Aresuh
*2004, gray
GR Amaretto *1999, gray
Maddelena *1986, gray
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